Nguyen Van Duong – Unveiling The Massive Online Gambling Network

Nguyen Van Duong, former chairman of Bac Ha Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, is believed to be the mastermind behind a billion-dollar gambling network that was dismantled in 2018. He is considered one of the largest gambling kingpins in Vietnam to date.

According to information from the investigative agency, Nguyen Van Duong organized online gambling activities and assembled several groups to carry out these operations. He employed enticing advertising tactics to attract a large number of players, offering extremely high benefits and profits. In a short period of time, the gambling network he led spread across 13 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

To facilitate his gambling activities, Nguyen Van Duong colluded with Phan Sao Nam and 90 other individuals. Among them was Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former director of the C50 police unit, who played a role in protecting and aiding these individuals.

Following his arrest, Nguyen Van Duong was required to pay a substantial fine. According to the General Department of Enforcement, the gambling network led by him accumulated over 9.853 trillion Vietnamese Dong in revenue. Considering the severity of these activities, the fine he had to pay amounted to 1.655 trillion Vietnamese Dong. This significant sum reflects the obligation to enforce the verdict and highlights the seriousness of Nguyen Van Duong’s large-scale gambling crime.

The billion-dollar gambling case involving Nguyen Van Duong and the related individuals has caused a shockwave in public opinion and eroded public trust. It serves as evidence of legal violations and the danger posed by online gambling activities. Currently, Nguyen Van Duong is facing legal penalties and the trial process to address his responsibilities in this case.