Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of Shiatsu Massage for Pain Relief

Shiatsu massages can ease pain and stress, promote an active and healthy lifestyle as well as boost the body’s own healing mechanisms. This can support mental and emotional wellness.

Cover the crests on the spine using your thumbs as well as fingers across both hands. When you breathe, push and move your hands down the spine of your partner.

Holistic Healing

Shiatsu is an integral part of a holistic and healing way to improve health and wellbeing which has been practiced since the beginning of time. Shiatsu is also known as “alternative treatment” or “complementary medical treatment.”

Holistic means the treatment for the entire individual – the body, mind and soul. Also, it includes the emotions. It focuses on preventative health and a healthier lifestyle rather then treating symptoms once they appear.

Acupuncture and Shiatsu massage involves applying pressure using thumbs, fingertips, elbows, and fingers on the body’s energy meridians, or points. Shiatsu massage is based upon the theory that balancing these meridians can improve overall health. Chronic pain is often becoming a frequent, unwanted visitor in our lives, Shiatsu functions as an enveloping bouncer to show it the exit door. Shiatsu is a great way to reduce depression and anxiety by increasing the levels of dopamine within the brain.

The Balance of Energy

In the Eastern conception, disease or illness arises from unbalanced energy flow of the meridians. The Qi, a vital life force, is able to move through these channels that link the major organs and are easily accessible via points in the body. Shiatsu helps to stimulate and balance this flow of energy.

Much like yoga and acupuncture as well as reiki, tai-chi and taichi, all these practices work to regulate your body’s energies. The immune system has the ability to combat diseases faster by stimulating forces.

It’s important to pick a Shiatsu expert who is certified as well as experienced. Choose the right individual to fulfill your needs by reading testimonials from clients reading reviews, comparing their ratings and interacting with them. Dressing in loose clothes that are at ease will help your therapist to work on the meridians as well as pressure points.

Natural Healing Mechanisms

Shiatsu is a treatment that follows Eastern methods of healing, helps to balance the flow of energy through meridians and acupressure channels in the body. This aids in promoting mental and physical well-being.

Additionally, Shiatsu helps improve the efficiency of other holistic therapies like acupuncture massage Hoi An and psychotherapy. Shiatsu is very effective for relieving tension and stress. This, in turn, aids to heal.

In during a Shiatsu session, your massage therapist will employ thumbs, fingers, elbows, palms and fingers to apply pressure to the energy meridians in your body. Shiatsu involves joint mobilization and assisted stretching techniques. Shiatsu massage has been shown to help relieve discomfort, ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and encourage sleep.

Acupressure points

While shiatsu and acupuncture share some similarities in terms of philosophy and practice, the differences are quite considerable regarding technique. These results, as well as an initial examination of practitioners’ impressions, suggest that it’s essential to separate the two fields in research and academic discussions.

The point of pressure Hegu, or the LI-4 (pronounced “her-gwann”) is located on your arm. It is activated by pressing between your thumb and index. This point can relieve pain and stress. This can help you if your are expecting and have to start labor. If your area is susceptible to blisters or peeling skin or if there is an open wound in the vicinity or it has rashes or obvious injuries.

Emotional Well-being

Shiatsu increases the activity of your glands which release additional oil. This helps reduce wrinkles, and also keep your skin soft and moisturized. Also, it relieves tension, headaches caused by migraines and anxiety while promoting sleeping well.

In the Eastern view, sickness or disease is viewed as an imbalance in the flow of energy through your body’s meridians. The Shiatsu Therapist acts as an expert plumber by using techniques such as pressure points, kneading, tapping and stretching to eliminate the obstructions and restore your natural equilibrium and flow of energy.

Though research into Shiatsu improves in terms of quantity and quality, it is not readily available in the west. Many studies have proven that Shiatsu has a positive impact on vomiting, nausea and discomfort.